Discussions surrounding issues within our community

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How to find a partner (without your parents help)

I have a theory that every set of brown parents comes to a startling and jarring realisation when their child enters their early 20s. The sudden dawning that spending all those years telling their kids to avoid interactions with the opposite gender was not exactly conducive to fulfilling their now

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When the Bibiya and Babeh go, who will run our Gurdwaras?

Lockdown was the wakeup call we weren’t prepared for. It is now more than ever that we realise how important it is for the next generation to learn how a Gurdwara operates. When the lockdown was introduced in the UK, the elderly went into isolation. They didn’t fully understand why

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Why we should be supporting Sikh businesses

  As Sikhs- we should be uplifting each other as we would in Khalsa Raj. Support our brothers and sisters in their ventures. ⠀ ⠀ We have so many Sikh entrepreneurs that we shouldn’t really need to look outside of the Sikh community- from Creatives to Real Estate. ⠀  

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