Exploring common topics around relationships

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How to find a partner (without your parents help)

I have a theory that every set of brown parents comes to a startling and jarring realisation when their child enters their early 20s. The sudden dawning that spending all those years telling their kids to avoid interactions with the opposite gender was not exactly conducive to fulfilling their now

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What are the biggest stresses on a modern day marriage?

Communication – Failure to communicate with one another is one of the biggest problems married people experience. It is therefore important to learn how to share our feelings, expectations, goals and dreams for the future of our family. For example, the second of the five ‘chors’ (vices) is anger; It is important

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Why marriage education is important for single and married Sikhs

Marriage education for single Sikhs and already married Sikhs can help individuals gain valuable knowledge and perspective on how to be the best partner possible and navigate themselves through a healthy marriage. There is little guidance and real life resources for Sikhs to turn to when it comes to understanding

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