How it Works

After signing up you will be asked to provide some identification, just so users can feel safe on our site, as that is our first priority.

Then simply fill out your bio, with your best photos and write a little bit about yourself to help users get a well rounded picture of who you are.

You will then need to select some traits in what you are looking for in your partner, eg height, age, education etc.

The search results will then return your most suitable matches based on your input and our algorithm.

You can then browse your potential matches and click on the ‘show interest’ button.

Once you have done that, that party will then receive an email with a link to your profile and contact details.

If the recipient sees you as a potential match. They are able to contact you via email The recipient will only get your details if you decide to show interest! The ball is always in your court!.

Alternatively if you feel more comfortable, sign up at your local gurdwara matrimonial service and ask to be put on to our database.