Why marriage education is important for single and married Sikhs

Marriage education for single Sikhs and already married Sikhs can help individuals gain valuable knowledge and perspective on how to be the best partner possible and navigate themselves through a healthy marriage. There is little guidance and real life resources for Sikhs to turn to when it comes to understanding a Gristi Jeevan (householders life).

In any aspect of life, there are things one should know to be successful (professionally and socially), just like this – it is important to develop and grow a relationship with our Guru and to understand what marriage means in Sikhi. Through this, one arms themself with the skills of having a loving relationship with our Guru and your partner. You learn of the responsibilities a couple has towards each other and towards our Guru.

So how do we learn this? 

Through the real life examples of our Gurus and how they lived, through Gurbani and the Sikhya (teachings) it gives us.


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